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Returning to Serenity

Mini Meditations to Establish Serenity in Moments

Empty Your Mind to Be More Serene and Effective in Life
Short meditations for your personal practice at home and at work in 7 modules

This variety of meditation approaches for different times of the day is simple in use, yet very powerful in its effects. Each meditation is 1-4 minutes, which allows an easy integration into your schedule. This is great for beginning mediation as well as for advanced meditators to add conscious pauses into a busy schedule.

Module 1
Waking Up in the Morning Meditation
Wanting to start your day with meditation? Ease your way into meditation with this simple and short meditation after you wake up.

Module 2
Morning Meditation
Ready for a sitting meditation in the morning, but always in a rush? Get started with this one minute meditation. Fits into every schedule.

Module 3
Feeling Overwhelmed Meditation
Overwhelmed and confused? Learn to settle your mind, ground yourself, and bring peace into your system in just a few minutes.

Module 4
Valuing Yourself Meditation
Lacking trust and self-esteem? This short meditation will help you to value yourself.

Module 5
Discover Your True Essence
Longing for true silence and bliss? This meditation is for you.

Module 6
Meditation for In-between Appointments
Needing a break in-between appointments and wanting to stay present? Add this meditation for true completion of an appointment and feeling present for the next person.

Module 7
Meditation Before Going to Bed
Looking for peaceful sleep? Learn to settle your mind before going to bed.

Receive the program for your use at home. You will receive private membership access to listen online from any device or download the meditations at any time. 


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