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One-on-One with Devi

Do you have the courage to follow your heart’s longing? Are you willing to face yourself with all of your facets? Devi is supporting you on this journey in individual sessions

Be who you always wanted to be!

You deserve to live your most powerful self.

Contact Devi for personal coaching sessions via Skype/Phone or remote healing sessions while you are resting! Call Devi for more info +1 541 666 8796

Be ready to be transformed in only 1-3 sessions with Devi!

Find your deepest truth, your soul’s calling and bring out your unique mission into this world through personalized sessions.

Transformative Coaching

Soul Essence Coaching
This session is supporting you with life transitions and integrating spiritual practices into your life. You will receive individual coaching to listen to the wisdom of your soul messages resolving present struggles. Skype and phone sessions available.
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Leadership Coaching
Transform yourself and your business into what you always wanted it to be, living your soul’s purpose. The developed model supports you to embody several states of consciousness leading you into full presence and mindfulness from which to lead your life and your business. It is based on ancient East-Asian philosophy and transpersonal psychology.
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Movement Coaching
The session may be a combination of creative expression through movement with individual spiritual coaching towards your soul’s wisdom. If you like to move and be creative this session style is for you. Skype and phone sessions available.
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Becoming Whole through Healing

Pleiadian Lightwork
Receive high frequency light transmissions to support your well-being and step more fully into your soul’s essence. This raises your frequency for you to step more fully into your essence
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Remote Healing
Devi will channel light frequencies or Reiki into your body while you are resting. This may be for your whole body or be addressed to a specific issue.
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Intuitive Healing
You may combine your coaching session with remote energy healing. This offers you to talk about and resolve a personal issue while receiving a transmission of light frequencies. Skype and phone sessions available.
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Meditation Life-Style Support

Meditation Transmission
Devi will remotely be sitting with you in meditation supporting the frequency of your practice.
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Meditation Guidance
For meditation practices and how to integrate meditation into your daily life.
Devi also answers questions on Yoga and Vedic philosophy
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Breathing Life
This session creates somatic awareness and deepens your intake of breath and oxygen.
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Working with Devi
What a private session looks like


Are you ready to live from your soul essence?

I am committed to your success, supporting you to stay true to yourself and to be the best that you can be.

Transform into the person you always wanted to be, doing what you love!

Dive Deep into Your Own Soul

Be Connected to Source