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Full Moon Inspirations

My monthly inspirations began by sharing my personal journal notes with my friends in 2004. Until today, I am still sharing every month the topic that I am presently contemplating and which is part of my personal transformation. Read more about the history below.

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Every month, I am sending out the exact full moon times together with inspirations to contemplate on for your personal transformation.

Together we will create a field of high vibration and stillness of mind.


Meditation suggestions during any time you can fit into your life:

Contact me if you would like guidance into any meditation style listed here.

  • Sit and be still
  • Sit and witness your breath flow (either the movement of your belly or the flow of air at the entry of your nostrils)
  • Dance
  • Feel your body (Sitting, standing, or moving)
  • Feel your feelings and allow them to be
  • Sit and witness your thought process without interaction
  • Express your thoughts in movement
  • Transfer your feelings into dance
  • Sit and repeat your mantra silently, alternative: count 1,2,1,2…
  • Do any other practice that is familiar and sacred to you, e.g. qi gong

Meditation Sequences

2-Minute Meditation

Full Moon Meditation

History of the Full Moon Meditation Inspirations

In 2004 I left my mainstream life in Germany, had sold my part of a company and was getting divorced. I was completing a four year yoga and meditation teacher training and followed what I called my true path to a sacred place in India. I had been invited to study with Mahamandaleshvara Swami Veda Bharati, an acknowledged Sanskrit scholar and long-term meditator. I moved into his ashram (Indian monastery based on the Vedic system) in Rishikesh.

In order to stay in touch with my friends in Germany, I shared a few paragraphs out of my journal via e-mail. There was no internet connection available, so I had to drive 30 minutes to the next town to an internet café. I felt inclined to share how I was truly feeling as well as the wonderful insights that passed my mind-field living in this sacred place. Many of my friends were yoga teachers connected to the same tradition. Many came and visited either to see me or for their own inner journey of self-transformation and meditation. The ashram offered frequent silence retreats.

Relatively soon after my arrival, Swami Veda announced monthly full moon meditations. He invited everyone to sit together in meditation at the same time on the day of the full moon. In order to connect the global community, meditation sitting times were announced according to time zones. It was possible to meet and sit together in the local meditation center or to conveniently sit at home connecting internally.

I kept sending out my journal notes. In 2006 I felt called to spend my summer in CA, immersing myself into the 5 Rhythms community after having assisted in Swami Veda’s Yoga Teacher Training at IONS. I had already been dancing 5 Rhythms in Germany since 1998 and at home for myself throughout my time in India. I met many new soul connections that I added to my mailing list for my journal notes.

At some point I felt inclined to inform my friends who did not have a sitting mediation background about the full moon meditations. So I added that information into my writings. Over time I got so busy traveling more and more joining 5Rhythms workshops that I almost dropped sending out these notes. The monthly full moon meditations kept me going and I connected the time of my writing to the time of the full moon.

I became certified as a 5 Rhythms teacher by Gabrielle Roth, continued to follow my inner calling, got certified in Angel Therapy by Doreen Virtue and licensed as a minister in Full Sensory Perception and Pleiadian Lighwork by the Dolphin Star Temple Mystery School. Still feeling deeply connected to Swami Veda and his tradition, my path though had taken me into adding other traditions into my field of expertise and more dancers onto my list. I felt it was time to disconnect my full moon announcements from Swami Veda and send out my own. Hence I am now sharing the exact time of the full moon every month. In my experience, sitting in meditation at the exact time is very powerful and with setting a specific intention can be very transformative.

Now I have also completed a certification in Somatic Coaching by Richard Strozzi-Heckler and Staci Haynes, have moved to Mount Shasta, CA and am deeply connected to Mata Amritanandamayi Ma (Amma, the hugging saint). Part of the year I am living in her ashram Amritapuri in Kerala, South India. In my heart connection to her and her concern and love for Mother Nature as well as my personal connection to dolphins and the ocean, I have started the movement “Global Prayers”.

I have been placing a bowl of water onto the altar or art installation of my classes and workshops for participants to add their prayers, heartfelt love, and purity of stillness into the water. Prayers for this planet are as welcome as prayers for oneself and community. I truly belief the inside and outside are just a continuum of each other. Each time I am taking that water and am pouring it with all its prayers into a local stream, so that our prayers and dreams may be spread and manifested.

Today, I am also inspiring you to place a bowl of water into your room during your full moon meditation. May you add your prayers, silence, dreams and healing feelings into that water and carry it out to a local stream or if there is none to a local tree.

Important, is to always connect to your soul first. The mind is too tricky. Trust your soul to transfer what is beautiful into the water.

“We must see ourselves as intimate partners with nature, with whom we must learn to dance successfully.” Kenneth J. Gergen