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Dolphin Movement® is a journey towards your truest self and remembrance of your Divine nature while living your personal and professional life. Read More …

My name is Devi Prem. I am the founder of Dolphin Movement®, and the pathway into the 3 core states of consciousness:

Being Grounded in the Body

Making Decisions from Intuition

Acting with Compassion

I am dedicated to the transformation and evolution of self, supporting my clients to live with full vibrancy in their private and professional lives. I hold a high frequency and offer intensity for change to happen.

Devi has been guiding people since 2002 internationally. Her background in business and the corporate world as well as years of living in ashrams in India complements her numerous certifications in spiritual disciplines, mysticism, and coaching with her degrees in Business and Psychology. Devi is dedicated to empower her clients to lead the life of their choice with full presence and consciousness.

Devi’s essence is silence and love expressed through her being. Her favorite expression is through meditation in its various forms and she truly enjoys guiding others on their path and transformation into their essence and embodied leadership.

What people say about Devi’s essence:

Fun, joyous, alive, knowledgeable, embodied, compassionate, calm sense of spirit, deep, present

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