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Welcome Home to Your Essence…

… and Being the Leader of Your Life


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Transform into the person you always wanted to be, doing what you love!

  • Live a life in abundance, authenticity, deep connection and synchronicity
  • Know your mission in life and truly live it
  • Develop leadership for your own life
  • Be Centered in any situation
  • Live Your Essence

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I am committed to your success, supporting you to stay true to yourself and to be the best that you can be.

Change Your Life by Expressing Yourself through Movement in one-on-one sessions or group events.


If you change your dance, you can change your life.

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This is a pathway toward Your true Self! Enjoy the journey home!

Leading with Heart and Soul

DOLPHIN MOVEMENT is about supporting you to step into your own soul’s calling. It is a program that supports stripping away the bondage of the ego and tuning into your deeper self.

I am here to support you to find your own truth. This program is in alignment of an ancient lineage of ascended Masters. It is about freedom. This is to support you to step into your leadership role, share your wisdom and spread the love that your are – unconditionally.

This is not about creating yet another method. This is about you being totally you, in your utmost authentic self.

Dolphin Movement supports you to love yourself, your tears as much as your joy, your fears as much as your victories. This program is about integrating spirit into the body. It is an ascension journey into the body. We are here on this planet to embrace this human life.

Join me for an adventure to find your deepest truth, your soul’s calling and bring out your unique mission into this world.

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“Devi set a comforting and lovely tone for our work together, in relating how we would proceed. She emanates a natural compassion, a tranquility and brilliant clarity of perception and intention which flow perfectly through her touch, voice, questions and guidance. She made very practical suggestions that I had, in frustration, forgotten to implement! Anyone will be very blessed to be with Devi, benefiting from her skill and her ability to quietly demonstrate true Presence. I am happy to whole-heartedly recommend her supportive services.”
Liz Winterhawk, Winterhawk Animal Consultations, Mt. Shasta, CA


essence is silence and love expressed through her being. Her favourite expression is through dance in all its forms and she truly enjoys guiding others on their path and transformation into their essence and embodied leadership. 

“I have dedicated my life to serve the Divine. I have spent years of selfless service for non-profit organisations and continue doing so several months a year. In the spirit of the ancient traditions of dakshina, giving gratitude to the teacher, I am donating 50% of my profits to the charitable organisation “Embracing the World”, founded by Mata Amritanandamayi Ma. My gratitude for the wisdom I have received is beyond words. My teachings are a way of giving forward. May you find your union with the Divine.” Devi