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Welcome Home to Your Essence…

Imagine your private and professional life being truly yourself.

 Are you ready to live from your soul essence?

You deserve to live your most powerful self.

Nothing can stop you!

Listen to the whole story . . .

“Devi emanates natural compassion, a peace and brilliant clarity through her voice, questions, and guidance. All of her practical suggestions were easily implemented showing immediate success. Anyone will be very blessed to be with Devi, benefiting from her skills and her ability to demonstrate true Presence. I whole-heartedly recommend her supportive services to everyone I meet.”
Liz Winterhawk, Winterhawk Animal Consultations, Mt. Shasta, CA

Transform into the person you always wanted to be, doing what you love!

Be ready to be transformed in only 1-3 sessions with Devi!

I am committed to your success, supporting you to stay true to yourself and to be the best that you can be.

  • Develop heart-centered connections

  • Be in Your Essence

  • Live your mission

  • Be a leader of your own life

  • Enjoy being yourself

Are you ready to step away from social-cultural conditioning and leap into your soul’s calling?

Find your deepest truth, your soul’s calling and bring out your unique mission into this world through my coaching sessions and workshops.

Dive Deep into Your Own SoulDevi-03_print

Be Connected to Source

Spiritual Coaching, Meditationand Intuitive Healing!

Book an extraordinary life changing personal session with me.