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A life in abundance, authenticity, synchronicity and responsibility for yourself and for humanity. 


Essence Coaching One-on-one Sessions


5 Rhythms Movement Meditation Classes and Workshop

 Mount Shasta, CA

Hamburg, Germany

The spiritual path, or path of meditation, often leaves us with puzzling occurrences on the way. Devi Prem offers individual guidance on the path of meditation toward a holistic lifestyle, integrating body, mind, heart and spirit through Essence Coaching, Meditation and 5 Rhythms Movement Meditation, Dolphin Movement and Global Prayers in one-one sessions, classes and workshops.

Do you have the courage to follow your heart's longing? Are you willing to face yourself with all of your facets? Devi is supportig you on this journey in individual sessions and workshops.

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My passion is the silence found within each practice,

The love in between each connection.

My heart belongs to the Divine.

My life is based on change.

My breath is devoted to transformation.

My gratitude goes to my teachers.
















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